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what did we create to solve?

Ecosystem for local businesses and Blockchain

The team creates the pizza menu in less than an hour

To each Menu we associate an NFT coined by the take away logo

The sale of the NFTs will bear the initial costs of the Menu and the gadgets

The Menu will host an advertising space

The advertising space will bear the costs on social networks and will give an extra profit to NFT collectors

The extra value given to the NFT increases with calls to order food

Every 1000 calls, we generate an NFT Reward to be given to the collector who can use it to collect the profit or buy new NFT Menus to collect

Special Edition NFT

Regional NFT Master constantly will receive 3% value from the activity of all menus related to their Region through new NFT Rewards
Each region can have thousands of menus and many thousands of local sponsors.

Provincial NFT Master constantly will receive 2% value from the activity of all menus related to their Province through new NFT Rewards
Each province can have several hundred menus and thousands of local sponsors

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Our team can create a personalized online menu for free based on a simple photo of the paper menu. In less than one hour Menù is ready to use 

There is no cost incurred by the pizzeria or the customers, and no commission on orders

we create a link between takeaways with many useful gadgets (fridge magnets, Qr code stickers for pizza boxes, add to homescreen menus and much more)

The phone call make the relationship between customer and the take away service pleasant and friendly

Inside the menu, there will be a dedicated advertising space for local businesses. This space will serve to support the costs and create additional value for NFT collectors.

Moreover they decide together the best time and delivery.
Customers may need to communicate specific requests, such as extra ingredients or substitutions, whatever.

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