Honoring the Harmony


this is unique and unrepeatable. It is a lengthy work done with passion. As devote to Lord Shiva, to create this magnificent picture, all the process was made listening and reciting Ashtakam Mantra 108 times, burning incense Dhoopam, keeping peace and tranquillity in the soul

My works are created starting from a simple image and working on it successively with three different software. The image becomes unique and unrepeatable with each processing. It is a lengthy work done with passion.

My artworks are created only when I feel the harmony of creativity. Each piece is born by observing a simple image and following a flow of energy that arises from emotion and enthusiasm.

In a unity of emotion, harmony, and enthusiasm, Harmony is the magnificent sensation of flowing energy, and enthusiasm that is a beautiful word of Greek origin that means "En Theo Asmos," literally "in the breath of God."