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We are building a hybrid business that involves local businesses in decentralized finance to intertwine for the benefit of all

How it work for NFTs Assets?

We are building a hybrid business that involves local businesses in decentralized finance.


Imagine a groundbreaking fusion where traditional local businesses and the innovative world of decentralized finance converge. We are pioneering a new paradigm that combines the strength of local economies with the transformative power of decentralized technologies.


In our vision, local businesses will have the opportunity to tap into the vast potential of decentralized finance, accessing new funding models, efficient payment systems, and global markets. By integrating blockchain technology and decentralized platforms, we aim to empower local businesses, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.


Through our hybrid business model, we are bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms, creating an ecosystem where local businesses can embrace the benefits of decentralization without sacrificing their unique identities and community roots. We believe in preserving the richness of local culture, fostering economic growth, and promoting sustainable development.


At the same time, our venture opens up exciting opportunities for participants in the decentralized finance space. Investors, enthusiasts, and developers can actively engage with local businesses, providing capital, expertise, and technological solutions. By supporting local economies, they become catalysts for positive change and shared prosperity.


This hybrid approach brings forth a dynamic synergy, where the strengths of both local businesses and decentralized finance amplify each other. It is a win-win situation, driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting financial inclusion.


Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we build a bridge between the local and decentralized worlds. Together, we can create a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous future, where the power of local businesses and the potential of decentralized finance intertwine for the benefit of all.

Asset NFTs

DAO Membership

Join our project and become part of a global community of passionate innovators

You'll have the opportunity to make decisions, earn financially, and connect with brilliant minds.

Be at the forefront of action, shaping the future and making a real impact.

Be part of a decentralized revolution and embark on a unique adventure in your life.

Fans NFTs

Collecting ArtWorks

These NFTs will grant you the opportunity to attend DAO sessions, although you won't have voting rights.

However, you'll gain early insights into our projects and have the potential to be among the first to benefit from financial growth...

NFTs Burner

Ensures Uniqueness

Choose one NFT Fans and we delete the related
We will make the NFTs issued through the burning of related series NFTs exclusive and rare, ensuring that we will never create a stylized image of the subject you are collecting.

Additionally, we can create a stylization of your NFTs from your series only upon your request or authorization, with a minimal contribution per each. You will have exclusive rights to resell them to your fans or affiliates.


Deaf and Autistic kids

We will donate a percentage of our earnings to support this project.

Our business will donate a percentage of its proceeds to support deaf and autistic children in accessing the ideal school, helping parents cover the costs of education and promoting greater self-sufficiency.


Each asset is a stock that we have minted with an NFT to hold

The NFT holder becomes a stockholder, having ownership and a vested interest in the project’s performance and value.

These NFTs are assets that offer incentives and economic benefits to the holders. In a DAO, they participate in voting, online forums, and discussions, and providing ideas to work on it

All NFTs Asset holders have right one that.
• 20 NFTs Regionals Assets
• 107 NFTs Provincial Assets

Additionally, these holders below will have early access to related projects in our Vision, even before they are initiated.
They will gain insights into strategies exclusive to industry professionals and access roadmaps in advance.

• 93 NFTs Raiders Assets
• 380 NFTs Epic Assets

where participating in a DAO offers you an extraordinary opportunity to be at the center of the action and shape the future of our decentralized projects!

Join us and become part of a global community of brilliant minds, passionate about innovation and eager to make a real impact in the world. As a member of our project through NFTs, you’ll have access to the emerging DAO, unlocking a universe of incentives and benefits that will make you feel at the forefront of the revival of local, technological, and financial activities.


First and foremost, our members enjoy direct involvement in the decision-making process. Every voice holds value, and your voice matters! You’ll have the right to vote on crucial matters concerning the project, fund allocations, and strategic choices. Your opinion will have a tangible impact on future directions, and you’ll take satisfaction in being involved in creating innovative solutions that will have an impact on the local economy.


But that’s not all: your active participation in the DAO offers unique opportunities for learning and growth. You’ll be immersed in an ecosystem of talents we’ll attract from all over the world, with the chance to share knowledge, experiences, and be inspired by the brightest minds. Access to workshops, webinars, and exclusive resources will keep you constantly updated on the latest trends and developments of our projects.


Here’s another exciting surprise: as a member, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the distribution of tokens or shares of the DAO. This means you could benefit financially from the success of the projects supported by the DAO. Imagine getting a share of the generated profits or being able to invest in new growth opportunities. Your financial involvement in the DAO could open doors to a new decentralized financial world and enable you to realize your financial potential.


But it’s not all about money! Our DAO is committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and fun environment. You’ll be part of a community that supports each other, collaborates, and celebrates success together. Events, hackathons, competitions, and social gatherings await, offering you the chance to forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and enjoy moments of joy and celebration.


In summary, participating in our project will be like embracing an extraordinary experience. Not only will you be part of a decentralized revolution and a new hybrid business model bridging the local and decentralized worlds, but you’ll also have the opportunity to shape the future, learn, grow, earn, and connect with a global community of passionate innovators like yourself.


Get ready for a unique adventure in your life where your potential knows no bounds and the future is in your hands. Join us and become a hero of change.


These NFTs will grant you the opportunity to attend DAO sessions.

These NFTs are unique and one-of-a-kind. They have been created from simple drawings and transformed into magnificent pieces using metals such as steel, silver, gold, and vibrant gemstone colors like sapphires. They possess four distinct characteristics:
  • Opulent NFTs: These are characterized by their lavish design and use of luxurious materials.
  • Silver NFTs: These NFTs are crafted with silver, adding a touch of elegance to their appearance.
  • Steel NFTs: These NFTs are made with steel, giving them a sturdy and robust quality.
  • then have
  • NFTs that honor beauty and harmony: These particular NFTs are created to pay homage to the concepts of beauty and harmony.
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    NFTs Burner

    for each design, we create a limited number of models, typically around 6 or 7.

    Within 12 hours of purchase, you have the opportunity to acquire any of these models.

    However, after the initial 12-hour period from the first model purchase, the remaining related models will be permanently removed from circulation, a process often referred to as "burning" in the NFT space.

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    Borua Edu


    That sounds a wonderful initiative! Our website aims to create a space where the direct experiences and advice of teachers for deaf and autistic children can be shared.

    Our mission is to donate 10% of your earnings to this non-profit website. As the website is in Vietnamese, the teachers will be able to identify the most needy children whose families cannot afford the costs of schooling.

    It's remarkable to think that with just $130 per month, a child could continue their studies and receive the necessary support for self-sufficiency. BoruaEdu will help connect you with the fortunate children who will receive support. Additionally, you plan to create dedicated gratitude NFTs and participation NFTs as a way to express appreciation and involvement.

    It's inspiring to see how your project aims to make a positive impact on the lives of these children and their families. If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask!